Redbull GRC Las Vegas, 2014 Final Results

bucky lasek takes the podium again at the redbull grc in las vegas nevada redbull grc 2014

Upon landing last night at Sea-Tac airport, and hearing the screeching tires of my Alaska Air flight from Las Vegas, it had hardly set in that this week at Global Rally Cross and SEMA was finally over. Nothing would have prepared me for the experience I now can say I had, and I feel amazed that it all went down the way it did.

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SEMA 2014, RedBull GRC Pregame Update

subaruvortex sema 2014 redbull reg vagas hot sema girls

The journey has begun, from a cold wet and rainy Seattle Sea-Tac airport, to Red Bull Global Rally Cross Finals at the LINQ in sunny Las Vegas Nevada. For the third consecutive year GRC will wrap up its season during SEMA week in Las Vegas, offering spectators and attendees of both events, a double dose of automotive mania. This year has resulted in a four way battle for the championship title among the drivers going into the 10th and final race, as well as struggles for position in four other of the standings. Drivers have had just over a month off since the Seattle GRC race at Dirtfish, where we saw Sveere Isachsen walk away with Subaru Rally Teams first win.

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RedBull DirtFish Rally School GRC Final Results

Redbull global rally cross dirtfish rally school final results

The final results are in! here is the second part to Global Rally Cross at DirtFish Rally School 2014, a full write up on the final standings and the last day of the Redbull DirtFish Rally School GRC.

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Global Rally Cross at DirtFish Rally School 2014

What an amazing show at the RedBull Global Rally Cross, hosted at DirtFish Rally School. Our writer Kirk Garretson sent in this write up of the time he spent down at the GRC in Washington State. Take a moment and read all about what happened down at the DirtFish Rally School GRC.

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More From Wasington State RedBull GRC

washington state redbull grc rally subarus

Here is a wonderful shot taken from the RedBull GRC hosted by DirtFish up in Washington State. Photo Courtesy of Kirk Garretson.

I have been informed that the weather is pretty moist, and so is the mud. Course conditions will surly take an effect on today’s times.

More photos in!

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How Do You Gear Up For A Rally Weekend?


How do you gear up for a Rally Weekend?

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David Higgins DirtFish Subaru Looking HOT!

David higgins dirtfish rally school subaru wrx sti revealedIf you haven’t seen it yet, take a moment to stare at David Higgins DirtFish Rally School Subaru. It’s ok go ahead, skip through the images below, We will wait a moment for you.

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Subaru Concept Car 2015

subaru concept car WRX Concept Car 2015

I just stumbled across the new Subaru Concept Car! This might be some old news to some of you fanatical subaru fans, but this subaru concept car is really looking impressive!

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